Regular Events @ CBBC

Sunday Worship Times

Sundays   9:30am   Sunday Schools      
                11:00am   Worship Service
                                   Children’s Church                                                  Youth Gathering       Evening   5:00am   Choir Practice
          5:30pm   AWANA  
                  6:00pm   Worship Service

Mid Week Worship Times

Wednesday  5:00pm  Fellowship Dinner            (During Fall/spring every other Wed.)
                       6:30pm  Worship Service
                       6:30pm  Youth Worship                                                         Service (WOW)
                       6:30pm  Children’s Musical                                                   Rehearsal 
                       6:30pm  Women’s Bible                                                         Study
                       7:30pm  Choir Practice

Activities During the Week

Mondays      10:00am  Women’s Prayer        
                               (Contact CBBC’s Office)
Thursday      6:30am Men’s Prayer Time                                                                  (at CBBC)
Friday             7:00am  Men’s Bible Study                                                                   (Chic-fil-A)
Saturday        8:00am  Men’s Prayer Breakfast
                                  (Check Calendar-Fall to Spring)                                              (1st Saturday each month)

Men’s Prayer Breakfast  Come and join us for breakfast and good fellowship. Contact: 904.794.7777

Youth Bible Study                                                                                                                                                    “Walk through the Bible”
Wednesday Night @ 6:30pm
with Bro Bryan Jones

BG24C0lCcAAB287Crescent Beach Baptist   Children’s Worship 

 Every Sunday Morning

Calling all Volunteers! Contact Church Office for our Needs or if you have something in mind to help others or Click Here 
Game Night
Come and Join us @ 6:30 pm
2nd Friday Night of the Month
What incredible times we live in — like no previous generation.
The world is heading rapidly for destruction though nobody knows the timing on this.
At Crescent Beach Baptist we are privileged to look at signs that are like clouds forming
on the horizon through our Senior Pastor David Beauchamp as he teaches in the Word every Sunday Morning.   
Come, Join us, and know God’s Word. 
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